Contact information taxicompany A Taxi Delft +31 (0)15-261 21 21

        Contact information taxicompany A Taxi Delft


Do you need a taxi?
Call A Taxi Delft at +31 (0)15 261 21 21!

A Taxi Delft  
Owner:   Mr. E.G. Romijn
Phonenumber:   +31 (0)15 261 21 21
KvK Haaglanden:   27303968
BTW nr:   087440647 B01
Postbank:   5311392

Order your taxi online!
At A Taxi Delft you can book a taxi online. It's easy and quick! If you make an online reservation, 24 hours before you want the taxi to arrive, you are always assured of a taxi at the desired time and place.

You can also call on +31 (0)15 261 21 21 or send an e-mail to and order a taxi in advance or right away.

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